Advantages of using a digital NFT patent for Pterygota Marker technology.

Advantages of using a digital NFT patent for Pterygota Marker technology.
The main advantage of a digital NFT patent for Pterygota Marker technology is the unique opportunity to obtain valid protection for your patent. Although this patent is based on the registration of a traditional patent in all (!!!) countries of the world, its capabilities are much wider and more universal, as they are adapted for the global technology market and are focused on creating world-class products that will be used in your chosen industry and specializations

What does the use of a digital NFT patent give in practice? Three main things:

- protection of your software solution in the form of a digital patent throughout the entire technology industry without territorial restrictions and with the possibility of using your solution throughout the world;
- the presence of a global network of specialists with deep knowledge in the field of machine vision systems and monthly confirming their skills both in the field of knowledge of your patent and in the study of existing industry solutions, which will also help you in establishing business contacts to scale your solution successfully;
- an exclusive opportunity to prioritize integrating your solutions into the systems of the 5Y DeHome Project.

It is also worth noting such advantages of a digital NFT patent as simplifying business intelligence of intellectual property rights when selling your company or increasing the reputation of your company and your solution in business contacts with customers.

CEO Aething Inc.
Ihar Kul

01 February 2024