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Pterygota Marker for video surveillance systems
The marker allows distinguishing flying insects from other moving objects in the video stream. Drones and missile detection in video stream.

The patented Pterygota Marker mounts on any video camera and is designed to be used with video analytics systems to eliminate false alarms caused by flying insects.

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The Pterygota
The Pterygota (Ancient Greek: πτερυγωτός, romanized: pterugōtós, lit. 'winged') are a subclass of insects that includes the winged insects.
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Benefits of using a drone detection system in a video stream to detect drones.
The means of detecting drones and counteracting them have been known for several decades and have not fundamentally changed since the creation of the UAV and the discovery of the Doppler effect. The most effective means of detecting a drone is radar.

But this technology has physical restrictions on the propagation of radio waves, and therefore it is impossible to ensure the detection of low-flying drones.

This dilemma has been known for a very long time, recent events in a number of conflicts in the world have only highlighted this dilemma. The Pterygota Marker solution we are building is designed to solve this problem once and for all.
The patented Pterygota Marker is used in video analytics systems as an area benchmark with which all objects moving in the video stream are compared.

How it works:
  • 1
    Moving object area
    We calculate the area of the moving object and compare it with the Pterygota Marker.
  • 2
    Moving object speed
    We fix the rate of change in the area of the object relative to the Pterygota Marker with its known and stable area.
  • 3
    Finally, we trace the trajectory of the moving object and allow us to identify insects in a split second and eliminate the possibility of a false alarm for the video analytics system.
As a result, we get an unsurpassed speed of distinguishing insects from any other moving objects. The simplicity and speed of our algorithm make it possible to use the Pterygota Marker in video surveillance systems of any level, from individual video surveillance systems to corporate or government systems.
Ihar Kul, CEO Aething Inc
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For twenty years, our company's specialists have been developing Ultimate Forensic software for conducting court-recognized computer forensics. We cooperate with the world's leading institutions for the development of standards in the field of video analytics. Read expert opinion about System for detecting drones / missiles in the video stream. (

For more than six years we have been dealing with the problem of detecting and countering UAVs. We have experience in the production and supply of various technical solutions for detecting drones, which allowed us to come to the development of our own video analysis software that solves the universal problem of video surveillance systems by a huge number of false alarms caused by insects and the related impossibility of automatically detecting objects remote from the video camera .

Read expert opinion System for detecting drones / missiles in the video stream. Legal support and certification. (

More about Prerequisites for creation on our site or System for detecting drones / missiles in the video stream. Prerequisites for creation. (

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