Prerequisites for creating a digital NFT patent.

Prerequisites for creating a digital NFT patent. Aething Inc.
The current state of patent law and the intellectual property protection system does not meet the challenges created by the rapid technological growth of recent decades. Among the many historical reasons, three main challenges can be identified that create difficulties in solving the registration and protection of patents for digital products and software.

The primary reason, undoubtedly, was technological globalization and the rapid development of communication networks, the Internet, and various related financial and telecommunication industries from terrestrial to satellite technologies.

The second reason for the technological lag of the patent law system from the requirements of our time was the rapid development of various software environments, platforms, programming languages, computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies, and various enterprise or end-user-oriented software.

The third prerequisite for the technological lag of the patent industry in modern realities was the insufficient funding of the entire industry and each national office for the protection of intellectual property separately. Today's demands from the technology community for patent law and intellectual property protection require funding for highly qualified specialists in the field of software development, as well as a system for exchanging information, testing the knowledge of specialists, and a system for analyzing existing and created solutions in the rapidly changing and growing world of software technologies.

Current situation.

The reasons described above have led to difficulties in registering patents for software products, which has affected both the ability of intellectual property offices to provide registration and protection of patents and the need for established technology companies (and numerous companies developing new software products) to make their efforts and take measures to prevent the borrowing and copying of new developments, ideas, and models. This situation has led to difficulties in the exchange of information between companies and numerous time costs for searching and updating information to the detriment of the development of final products and solutions.

The proposed solution is updating patent practice to the requirements of the modern market.

The priority in the global technology industry market is to apply new approaches to registering and issuing patents based on the narrow scope of activity and application of technology. This change in the approach to creating digital products will eliminate the existing contradictions between the global availability of information and digital developments in the field of software, on the one hand, and the territorial principle of intellectual property registration, on the other hand. This will create the prerequisites for building a system of mutual exchange of both patents and existing problems that need to be solved, which will greatly speed up the process of creating and introducing new products, allowing both individual developers and corporations to implement projects promptly and meet projected financial indicators.

As a test solution that can be replicated and repeated in many industries and sectors of the development and creation of digital products, it is proposed to use the described case of applying a digital NFT patent to computer vision technology (one of the subsystems currently undergoing registration in all national intellectual property protection offices artificial intelligence) Pterygota Marker.

The system of narrow industry-specific application of a digital patent and a system of training specialists being developed by Aething Inc., building on their experience and knowledge of a system for protecting intellectual property in the technological field of the rights of patent owners with the ability to update information about a patent in the public domain, will set the direction for the development of the entire industry for the coming decades.

It is proposed to finance the development of the industry and update patent law to modern requirements imposed by the technological community using royalties from the patent for the Pterygota Marker technology in the initial period, then financing the development of the system will be carried out using royalties from the Aething application and created similar digital solutions built on the implementation of this case.
CEO Aething Inc.
Ihar Kul

25 January 2024