Digital NFT Patent for Pterygota Marker Technology Explained

Digital NFT Patent for Pterygota Marker Technology Expained
Digital NFT Patent for Pterygota Marker Technology Expained
Digital NFT patent explained.

The difference between a digital NFT patent and the existing system of patent law is a change in the approach to the description of a patent, the application of a patent, the territory of the patent, and its functions and capabilities. The main customers of the digital NFT patent are research and development departments of companies and startups using machine vision technologies (computer vision) to create new products and solutions.

Approach to patent description.

The previous generation patent law system used a model of patenting a solution device that fully represented the rights to use the solution described in the patent to the patent holder in the specified territory. The digital patent NFT system uses a model focused primarily on a detailed description of the application of the patent, that is, a description of the functional part of the patent with a description of its exact application of the patent. This feature is focused on creating solutions with worldwide application, without territorial restrictions, which corresponds to today’s demands of companies creating developments in the field of machine and computer vision systems.

Application of a patent.

A single digital NFT patent gives the copyright holder worldwide protection of his invention, a global network of qualified experts monthly confirming deep knowledge of your invention (during the maintenance period), and also monitoring, identifying, and initiating action against infringers of a patent.

Territory of the patent.

A patent includes worldwide protection for your invention from the first day the patent is issued. This allows you to focus on solving business problems and allows you, at any stage of the creation and implementation of your invention, to have the opportunity for mass implementation and worldwide sales in the field of application specified in your patent. This capability makes the products and solutions you create more attractive to both your customers and your company's investors.

Functions and capabilities.

A digital NFT patent is a digital file on the blockchain network that is stored in your account on the Coinbase platform. Information about the patent and its copyright holder is posted on our website and contains a link to your digital NFT patent tracker.

The publicity of this information allows customers and partners of your company to instantly verify the use of patent-protected solutions that guarantee the quality of the solutions they purchase. In the event of a transfer of your technology (during the sale of a company, business restructuring, merger, or acquisition of your company), you get the opportunity to verify the ownership of intellectual property quickly, and also simplify the fact of transferring the rights to own intellectual property to the new owner by transferring a digital NFT file.

These changes are displayed on our website and are also available for checking the continuity of intellectual property rights in the blockchain network.

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