Technical implementation of a digital NFT patent.

Digital NFT Patent for Pterygota Marker Technology Expained
Technical implementation of a digital NFT patent.
Software developers and equipment manufacturers using the digital NFT patent for Pterygota Marker technology receive a unique opportunity today to embed a digital NFT patent both in software solutions and in physical devices.

For software developers and manufacturers using Pterygota Marker machine vision technology, an API is provided to the system for checking intellectual rights to use the technology, which allows you to clearly demonstrate to your company’s clients the licensing of your solutions and allows you to visually check compliance with license rights on physical devices, such as video cameras, robots, industrial computer vision systems and so on.

Protecting your solutions with a modern digital NFT patent not only gives you the opportunity for global protection at the world level but also provides your partners and copyright holders of third-party intellectual property rights used in your solution with the ability to easily identify counterfeit products or software solutions that have not paid the license fees of the copyright holder.

Software protected digital NFT Patent
CEO Aething Inc.
Ihar Kul

February 24, 2024